More Than 25 Years Experience

Steve Poteet has more than 25 years experience in commercial photography and graphic design for print and web. He was involved in the digital revolution, beginning in the mid eighties, and has become an expert at digital file creation, manipulation and deployment.

Steve began on Photoshop 1 and Pagemaker 1 (now InDesign) in 1994 and has now become a Photoshop Master and creator of complex designs using the various tools available in the Adobe Creative Suite.

As a member of your staff, Steve will assist your business to choose the best practices to produce and distribute all of your marketing campaigns and communication programs; He will work for you by preparing clean files for printing (which maximizes output on today's modern digital printing presses,) or design, build and set up hosting for a graphic-rich, mobile optimized, web presence, such as, a website, blog or Facebook - or other social media pages.


Steve also builds custom mobile apps for direct communication with those who have joined your community, ie., customers, suppliers, supporters, administration and employees.


He can provide SEO (search engine optimization) and establish and monitor Google analytics of the company website and/or mobile app.


Steve can also produce your mass email marketing campaigns using advanced services, such as, SendGrid and others.


Steve is also proficient in the use of Adobe Priemere for high-end video editing.


Illustrated Instructional Books

 Steve has written 3 Instructional books complete with illustrations and photos:


1. (305) 590-2478

(323) 475-7201


2. Build Your Own Chicken Chuckwagon Coop-DéVille Chicken Tractor



3. A Comprehensive Guide To Launching A Kid Cargo Bus App

bus app training 164px


Videos produced & edited:

 1. Cleaning The Chicken Chuckwagon Coop-DéVille

chicken cleaning video cover 258px

2. Cleaning The Water Supply Without Going Inside The Chicken Chuckwagon Coop-DéVille

chicken cleaning water 258px

3. The Case of The Missing Holy Grail*

case missing grail 258

(*A short play written by the headmaster of a small private school for students with learning disabilities)

4. 318-665-8214*

spirithorse birthday bash cover 258px

(*A fundraiser for a non-profit that helps special needs children)

5. 7148583989


(*A small amount of planning... video with iPad mini and phantom powered mic)


Photography & Print Portfolio: (Flash Document).

Click on cover to view PDF of catalog.

cov 01unaggressive


Very high-end importer of English Antiques. Produced five different catalogs and a dozen magazine ads.





cov 03


Photographed, color management and layout for this catalog every month for 30 years. Never missed a mailing deadline . . . 2nd Friday in the month!







Every room scene in this catalog was photographed in a warehouse. The walls didn't go to the top and there were no ceilings. Ceilings, crown molding, ceiling medallion and chandelier... all put in using Photoshop.



Social Media Pages

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Web Development

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Mobile Apps Developed

Native Mobile Apps Available on Apple App Store & Google Play


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