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New approach is needed to manage requirements, plans, defects and team. gomettle helps in seamlessly and efficiently managing these.

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Changes are inevitable, if we are able to react swiftly and manage these changes efficiently we can gain customer confidence. Our tool delivers the essence of this and handles following critical areas while managing a project

Manage Backlog

Work must be ordered so that it can be actioned according to urgency, value, or some other criterion. Requirements can originate from multiple sources and stakeholders. As such, priorities are often unclear and the scope of changes may overlap, making estimation difficult. A single repository of ordered requirements is needed. Backlogs and the associated principles of queue management are applicable to all agile methods.


Lack of timely and appropriate information can lead to faulty decision-making and poor collaboration. It is important that a team and their stakeholders have ready access to the status of work in progress, any impediments, any future work that is anticipated, metrics that allow practices to be inspected and adapted, any forecasts or commitments that have been made, and what responsibilities are being assumed.

Manage Iteration

Iterative development and delivery are features of any truly agile process. Although it is possible to develop products iteratively and without the incremental release of value, this limits feedback and the ability of a team to inspect and adapt their process in a risk-reductive manner. It also results in the depreciation of product worth. The application of iterative development in agile projects must therefore align with the incremental delivery of value.


A team will inspect and adapt its products and processes at regular points so that the quality of delivery can be improved. Inspection and adaptation must occur as closely as possible to where the work is done. Continual improvement and response to change lie at the heart of agile ways of working. There must be numerous opportunities for this to happen, and they must occur on a predictable and regular basis..


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Project management metrics related to time, quality, status and various analytics generated real time to make informed decisions.

Milestone Progress


By Allowing team to define their metrics, they tend to be more responsible for their success. In this tool, they can setup and have insights to these in real-time basis

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